Sabtu, 11 September 2010

Which graffiti artist are you

miss vanyou like to paint your art with brushes. you paint your mind, in the shappe of dolls. you are sweet and sensitive alot of the time.

photo courtesy flickr user Harry Palmer

photo courtesy flickr userphoto courtesy flickr user Harry Palmer

Mural Banksy Graffiti Street Wall From London

Mural Banksy Graffiti Street Wall From LondonGraffiti is an art that has been widely known in the world. In the UK (London) there is an artist famous for graffiti art are filled with the nuances of humor. Graffiti artist named Banksy. Most topics of graffiti that he has made contact with the world of politics, culture and ethics. His street art is made with a Distinctive stenciling technique and

Jumat, 10 September 2010


GRAFFITI GRAPHIC DESIGNABECEDARIO GRAFFITI SKETCHES ON PAPERPlease give your comments about this graffiti image, Thanks....

Kamis, 09 September 2010

Abecedario Graffiti / Letters A-Z with MindGem Design by Y Mas

GRAFFITI GRAPHIC DESIGNAbecedario Graffiti / Letters A-Z with MindGem Design by Y MasGraffiti Alphabet (Abecedario Graffiti) mindgem style design with a simple but still look beautiful and elegant. Sketch graffiti alphabet makes us want to try and do some interesting variations on each design point with a different character. Maybe we can make a difference by giving the characters of color in

Rabu, 08 September 2010

Graffiti Art in Wall Street by Corze

Graffiti Art in Wall Street by CorzeThese are some examples of graffiti painted on wall street. This work was created by a graffiti artist named Corze. I can not say if corze was a graffiti artist with a strong character, this can be seen from the type of graffiti that has been created. All look almost identical and similar to each other. A unique feature of a work is important because it will be

Selasa, 07 September 2010

Drawing Sketches Graffiti Letters "Michael Jackson"

Drawing Sketches Graffiti Letters "Michael Jackson"Michael Jackson is a legendary singer, he is the king of pop. Many people who loved him and admired him so many fans who want to make a graffiti letters by using his name. That would be a good idea, but they are confused in choosing the appropriate form or style. Here are some examples of designs that might be an inspiration to you. You do not
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